Why Fluoride-Free?

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is an element from the halogen group, as are iodide and chloride. It is commonly added to water supply as hydrofluosilicic acid, silicofluoride or sodium fluoride. Fluoride is also found as an additive in toothpaste and mouthwashes, as a tooth decay preventive ingredient.

According to the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), and it’s on going studies on toxicology data on fluoride, the Academy has made several preliminary determinations over the last 18 years; each concluding that fluoride added to the public water supply, or prescribed as controlled-dose supplements, delivers no discernible health benefits, and causes a higher incidence of adverse health effects. For more information visit. www.iaomt.org.

Many children ingest more fluoride from toothpaste alone than is considered “optimal” for a full day’s worth of ingestion. According to the Journal of Public Health Dentistry, “Virtually all authors have noted that some children could ingest more fluoride from toothpaste alone than is recommended as total daily fluoride ingestion”. Because of the increase in fluoride exposure from all sources combined, the rate of dental fluorosis (a visible indicator of over-exposure to fluoride during childhood) has increased significantly over the past 50 years. Whereas dental fluorosis used to impact less than 10% of children in the 1940s, the latest national survey found that it now affects 41% of American children.


www.fluoridealert.org (FAN)

To learn more facts about fluoride, please visit http://www.drfluoridefree.com/fqa

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